Pastor's Profile

Pastor Tay Cheng Kee was with Swissair for twenty years before responding to God's call into full time ministry in 1992.

Before he took on the office of a Pastor, he was the Chairman of the Deacon Board of Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Church, Superintendent of Senior Sunday School, one of the largest in Singapore, and Captain of the 20th Singapore Company, The Boys Brigade.

Leaving Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Church, he became the Youth Pastor and later Lay-Pastor of Church of Praise (East Coast Branch), having their weekly worship service at Republic Theatre in Katong.

On 25 May 1992, Church of Praise East Coast became Bethesda Charismatic Centre (now Bethesda Cathedral), an independent and sovereign Church with Pastor Tay Cheng Kee as its founding pastor.

Ten months in the ministry, Pastor Tay, a man of faith, made a bid for a piece of land at Chai Chee and embarked on a church building project that would cost a total of $8 million dollars. With a congregation of 200 members, and $130,000 in the bank, he successfully completed the building project and had its first worship service in the new sanctuary on 5th Nov 1995.

Today, Pastor Tay is leading Bethesda Cathedral to fulfill God's call to become a 7,000 strong church.


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